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Prime Visa

Dive into a universe where every purchase amplifies your rewards and every transaction echoes with unrivaled benefits.

Prime Visa

Prime Visa: Introduction

The Prime Visa Card, exclusively crafted for Amazon Prime members, unfolds a realm of endless rewards, tangible savings, and an unswerving allegiance to your diverse spending habits, both on and beyond.

1. ­čÄü Instant Joy: $100 Amazon Gift Card:

Kickstart your journey with a delightful $100 (or more) Amazon Gift Card, delivered to you instantly upon approval. As a heartfelt welcome to a world of prime benefits, this gift card ushers you into a space where every buy is a step toward future savings.

2. ­čĺ│ Supercharged Savings on Amazon & Chase Travel:

Engage in a rewarding shopping adventure where your every expense is a ticket to unparalleled savings. Enjoy a striking 5% back at, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market, ensuring that from your everyday essentials to gourmet delights, every purchase is a celebration of more. Elevate your travel experiences with 5% back on Chase Travel purchases when wielding your Prime Visa Card, intertwining each journey with a thread of rewarding benefits.

4. ­čÜŚ Double the Rewards on Daily Essentials:

Steer through your daily expenses with the zest of perpetual rewards. Relish 2% back at gas stations to fuel your journeys, and 2% back at restaurants to satiate your epicurean adventures. Extend the joy to your local transit and commuting expenses, including rideshares, ensuring that every commute is not just a necessity but a gateway to continued rewards.

5. ­čîŹ Ubiquitous 1% Back:

Witness the ease of earning with 1% back on all other purchases, ensuring that from little joys to grand plans, every swipe of your Prime Visa Card echoes with the melody of incessant rewards.

6. ­čÜź No Annual Fee:

Embark on this journey of amplified rewards without the burden of an annual fee. With No annual credit card fee, your Prime Visa Card remains a perennial source of rewards, devoid of any yearly charges.

7. ÔĆę Swift Reward Redemptions:

In a world where time is of the essence, wait no more to bask in the glory of your accumulated rewards. With the ability to redeem your daily rewards at as soon as the next day, every purchase swiftly propels you towards imminent savings.

8. ­čöĺ Trust in Every Transaction:

Your ventures with the Prime Visa Card are armored with the steadfast security and reliability emanating from being Member FDIC, ensuring every transaction, every saving, is enveloped in a layer of unwavering trust.

Unlock a world where your Prime membership transcends the boundaries of Amazon and permeates every aspect of your spending, showering you with relentless rewards and unmatched benefits at every turn. The Prime Visa Card is not merely a tool for purchases; itÔÇÖs your passport to a world where every spend is an investment in future savings. Welcome to a universe where your prime status is celebrated, cherished, and unremittingly rewarded.

Prime Visa

Prime Visa Comparison

Card Name Prime Visa
Card Rating 5.0/5
Card Annual Fee $0
Card Intro Offer $100 Amazon Gift Card
Card Rewards Rate Up to 5% back
Card Image Prime Visa
Card Recommended Credit Score 700 – 749(Good – Excellent)
Card Summary Best for: Amazon

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